House design Blue Ridge Ga
House design Blue Ridge Ga

Design Development.

Indeed, design development is perhaps the most important part of any design project.┬áDuring the Design Development Phase, your ideas, your needs and your requirements will be combined with the Designer’s talents and experience. The concept will be put on paper in terms of perspective drawings, plans, elevations and 3D imaging. The outcome will be a sketchy representation of a vision and will be presented in a very understandable and visual way.

Design Development will not stop until YOU, the Client, are absolutely satisfied and EXCITED about what you see!

Design Development Documents shall be compiled in a format that will be suitable for not only conveying ideas, but also for pre-bidding purposes, These Documents will be shared with your contractor(s), so that they can have an input also and share their experience by making cost saving recommendation. Construction Documents may also be presented to local building departments and Associations for pre-approval of your project.

Construction Documents.

Construction Documents are what Builders use to build your project. Documents are detailed ‘instructions’ as to the scope of the project, and will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Plans and Elevations
  • Site Plans and Foundation Drawings
  • Building Sections
  • Electric and Lighting Plans
  • Furniture Layout
  • Details and Sections
  • Window / Door Schedules
  • Engineering Drawings

In short, everything that is required OR necessary to build the house or add the addition. Please note that each and every set is different and yours may not include all listed above!

Good Construction Management.

If you are a non-resident Owner, we’ll be glad to help you with supervising your construction project nera Blue Ridge GA..

You went through the exhausting design phase; you have your construction documents; you hired the Contractor – the project is on it way!

Would it not be great to have the peace of mind to know that there is a third party representing your interest?

Who is best to offer construction management to the owner than the person who designed the project?

We’ll make periodic┬ásite visits and email you pictures of the construction progress. We shall verify invoicing and percentage of completion and will make certain that the plans are followed and that there will not be inferior substitutions to materials and construction methods.

Being the Designers, it will be very easy for us to make quick decisions on any questions or problems, hence not putting your project on hold!

This is a VERY affordable yet invaluable service!