Design Fees

House Design Fees

Design fees are based on square footage.

The base cost is determined by the footprint (air conditioned) of the building and it decreases as square footage increases. Additional costs will include design for built out basements and upstairs bedrooms and built out loft design.

The following prices are quoted for a FULL SET OF DOCUMENTS as described in our Construction Documents section. If you do not need all of the drawings listed (some customers simply want a good floor plan and some elevations and do not need electric drawings, schedules etc.) your final cost will be less than listed below. Please call us and we’ll be glad to quote your project.

Our Design Fees

Please note that the following is a guide more than a fixed price list. Every project is different and we'll be glad to quote for your requirements and needs.
Up to 1,500 s.f.$2.50 / s.f.Min. $1,600.00
Up to 2,500 s.f.$1.75 / s.f.Min. $3,750.00
Above 2,500 s.f.$1.25 / s.f.Min. $4,375.00
Additions and RemodelWill quote
Hourly Rate$65.00 / hour
Additional prints / plots$2.25 / sheet

** Basic charges include all design, design development, construction documents and three sets of drawings.

3D – Architectural Renderings

3D renderings and computer imaging starts a $395.00 as a minimum fee for setting up your project. We’ll charge a per image fee thereafter, and price will vary based on the complexity and level of finish for the image.

Construction Project Management

Management fees are charged by the hour at $65.00/hour. Some travel charges may apply if the project is further than a 20 mile radius from Blue Ridge.

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