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Design services – remodel, addition and new construction …

We provide full house design services for your commercial or residential project; From simple bathroom and kitchen remodel through bedroom additions and designing of new homes we offer our over 40 years of experience to provide creative and cost effective solutions.

We are very responsive and return calls/texts in less than 24 hours (normally within minutes). We are local, serving Fannin County and surrounding areas, hence we can respond to any obstacles that may arise during construction.

All our projects will benefit from our unique 3D computer imaging and rendering services. This is an amazing tool in helping our customers in visualizing the final outcome as well as assisting contractors in their biding process.

Our initial consultation is FREE with absolutely no obligation. Since every design we do is customized to your needs, so are our fees. See here for our basic fee structure.

House Design In Blue Ridge GA

About Geza

Geza offers his over 40 years of experience in design Nationwide – about nine years in the Blue Ridge area.

Until moving to the US in 1987, he studied and and provided design services in Europe – mainly around the Mediterranean – hence his love for and creativity. While in Europe, he not only worked in the design field, but also worked as an artist , with numerous exhibitions to his name. His favorite media has always been sculpture but he also established an excellent reputation in photography.

Geza CsurosAfter moving to the United States, he became Director of Design for an Interiors Firm (Interior Design Concepts in Orlando Florida), specializing in commercial design for club-houses, apartments, high-rise lobbies and high-end residential design Nationwide.  Geza later moved to Winter Park, and transferred to Godfrey and Associates, where he continued providing design services of more residential nature. He later moved to Naples, Florida (with the same Company) and spent over ten years designing lobbies, clubs and condominium projects.

He received his General Contracting License for the State of Florida, and subsequently formed Geza & Associates, Inc. – his company specialized in condo remodel, providing customers with  a totally turn key service, from design through completion. Geza continued to design and build over one hundred projects while in the area.

In 2007, Geza purchased a beautiful old home in Blue Ridge, GA, where he opened the Lilly Pad Village – Blue Ridge’s premier destination for gem mining, miniature golf, fishing and guided hiking. This was supposed to be a semi retirement step for both, but Geza could not stay away from the design business, and upon moving to Blue Ridge, he hung his shingle, and started providing quality and creative design services in the tri-state area.

In the past ten years he designed over eighty additions, remodels and new homes in the Fannin County and surrounding areas. Designing is a passion for him – his varied travels, embrace of varied cultures and design elements makes him a very versatile designer, comfortable with varied styles and construction methods. Even though he does not build any longer, his vast experience of having been a contractor his designs are actually build-able and are budget conscious.

House Design In Blue Ridge GA